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Arthur Payne

I am starting this Web site with one thousand airliner pictures & one thousand military pictures. I will be adding more pictures each month & these will be added to the lists on the site. If you are looking for specific pictures of airliners, airlines, military air arms or aircraft types, e-mail me through the site & I will bring forward the scanning of those items. 2 zip files can be downloaded that detail the civil & military slides I have for sale or scanning.


The digital pictures scanned at 1800 dpi & are c.15Mb per picture & the thumbnails on the site have been produced by processing these pictures through Microsoft Office Picture Manager which reduces them to c.1.5Mb so that they can be e-mailed if required. It should be understood that this process significantly reduces the picture quality in terms of sharpness & the colours also distort giving a pinkish effect. I believe you will be very satisfied with the quality of the full-size pictures.


Please select the ones you want & e-mail the reference numbers to me through the site. Pictures with a date before 2000, or unknown, are £2.00 and those from 2000 onwards are £1.00. I will give you details of my PayPal account & will send the link to allow download of the full-size pictures once payment has been received.


If you are interested in an original slide of a particular picture let me know by e-mail & I will advise you the availability & price.


It should also be noted that a significant proportion of the income from these pictures will be used to fund a charity in Northern Peru to provide basic education to children from impoverished families. This charity has been set up in memory of my daughter who worked with impoverished children in Chiclayo as a charity volunteer.


Best regards

Arthur Payne